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Big thanks to Jupiter Jones MS-MVP for giving great advice in the Micro$oft public newsgroups which preserved the integrity of this site!

This is a website dedicated to encouraging individuals to protect their virtual rights and freedoms. It's about freedom of choice and thinking for yourself, not letting big, greedy corporations cheat digital consumers out of it. In today's technological world, corporations are constantly trying to trick us out of our freedoms and rob the unsuspecting public of them. One of the initiatives of corporations to rob us of our virtual rights is called Digital Rights Management or DRM. DRM was not intended to be abused like this in the beginning. Here is an article about how these initiatives are being abused. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act or the DCMA is another one of the initiatives being abused.

You may ask yourself questions like "How am I being cheated and by which corporate entities?" or "What can I do to make a difference?"